When You Say that You Love Me, You Have No Idea What's Going to Happen

Humans are born supposely to love and be loved. Anyway, it might be right in some ways or it can be wrong either. We all know, loving does not always make everything happy. Even, it can hurt, a lot. We have to prepare for the worst if we dare to love someone.
My parents love me so much. Technically, they do not literally say that words very often. But, I just know they do. No matter how bad I am in getting troubles their love just .... You know... I mean they do get angry or something but it is just the other form of love, isn't it?
Loving makes you angry, cry, worry, sad, regret, dissapoint, jealous and happy at once. So, I guess you have totally understood when you say you love me it will never be simple. I am afraid I have to say, there is no turning back.

"I think you're so unique. I mean, that's cool"
"Your opinion will never enough to love me," I answer.
He smiles and answers me back.
"I'll do anything."
"Do you understand what you're just saying?"
I can't hold my smile.
"Okay. Cool. Meet me at the dock by the dawn."
"No questions. No excuses."
I am turning back and having no idea what he might think right now.
I have a plan and he must join me.
The word plan does not seem bad right? 


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